Violator screens on April 14 at 7 PM. School of Design And Arts Theater, College of Saint Benilde. Tickets at 150 per head.

Because people STILL keep asking me where, when and how they can see this. Here you go, then. This really may be your last chance at least until November when the 2015 festival rolls out. I hope some, if not all, of you can come. Much as we'd like to have more screenings, it's really not up to us, and the truth is, it really isn't that simple. I'd like to see Soap Opera, Esprit D'Corps, Red and Seoul Mates on the big screen myself, since I missed them during the festival. But I understand why I can't. Believe me, the filmmakers would like for you to see them, too. That Thing Called Tadhana (April 10), Soap Opera (April 13) and Lorna (April 15) will also be screening at the same venue.

See you there.

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