Beating a path to my own forthcoming surge of yearend listmaking, despite fluctuating server malfunction, and taking a page from Richard Bolisay but picking only five plus one picked despite the potential nepotism, as I haven't been scrounging about and I find the whole MTV aesthetic a little annoying to begin with. I do regret having little in the way of Asian work but here be my favorite music videos from the year that was, mercifully free of those loathsome music video mannerisms, and ranked ,as ranking has become my new fetish but prone, as always, to changing, possibly even as soon as I've hit "publish" on this post.The songs kill,too, if you must know. Click on the titles to watch.

1. Lovely Bloodflow, Baths (directed by Alex Takacs and Joe Nankin)

2. Cold War, Janelle Monae (directed by Wendy Morgan)

3. Stick To My Side, Pantha Du Prince (directed by Amaury Agier-Aurel)

4.Window Seat, Erykah Badu (directed by Coodie)

5. Marching Song, Ebsen and the Witch (directed by Peter King and David Procter)


6. Where Are You My River? , Vigo (directed by Dante Perez)

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