Superman Doomsday
Directed by Lauren Montgomery,Bruce Timm
and Brandon Vietti
Written by Duane Capizzi

Let's piss on a sacred goat, why not. The Death of Superman was a turd - - - the infantile nadir of deep continuity superhero eventmaking. You do sign up for Bruce Timm making a 75 minute OAV out of it because he seems to think so, too- - - and his design sense's got dynamic game, you get to dip your eyeballs in candy at least. Supercompressed like the way it is here only means it's crisper for having the flab cut out but does crank its pitch to a degree of hyper that only nerds in advanced stages of ADD would find soothing - - -don't kids breathe at the movies anymore? Within-budget upgrades still boom, though. Freeing themselves from feeding an event marketing brief and the repercussions of the outcome, Superman dying here is just another trope to play with for Timm and cohorts and less didactic for it, less in the grip of the buildup , more with the aftermath, where the story is anyway - - - the co-dependencies bred by superheroes in the real- - - and the resurrection engineered in the fray feeds everything of Dan Jurgens and cohorts to the sharks. Also, Doomsday gains a measure of pulpy arcana - - -who'd have thunk? - - -and gives good skirmish and carnage at that. And Luthor at his snakiest emits hard crackle, no Gene Hackman buffoonery here. The moment when he whips out a gun to shoot his assistant because he felt like it trumps everything the movies did wrong . The geek in me just wet himself.* * *


Noel Vera said...

Hi, Dodo, anyone ever tell you you look like Joe Pilato?

Superman--was there ever a reason why Alan Moore and Frank Miller never poured their attention on this jerk? Well, Moore did that Man of Tomorrow thing, but did it ever earn the same cachet as his The Killing Joke (we don't need to ask what Batman ever did for Miller, do we?)? So if someone did a story on Superman's death, should we care?

That said, you have me interested--75 minutes ain't too much time to spend on checking this out. And yes, the Doomsday comics bored me to tears--I skipped straight to the page of Superman being knocked over and out, relished the moment, and moved on.

dodo dayao said...

Never was much of a Superman fan myself, Noel, but Moore did do his bit on the guy. I like Man of Tomorrow and The Man Who has Everything. Miller had a Superman pitch that never went anywhere. Grant Morrison's All Star Superman is wonderful - - - and he does a more refreshing take on Doomsday than anyone I've read. I sort of like what Kurt Busiek is doing with him right now.

I checked this out mostly because I'm a bit of a Bruce Timm fanboy. And yeah, 75 minutes - - -little room for regret there.

Joe Pilato, eh? Day of the Dead? Nope,not really. Am not as hardass , though. Hehe.