Toki Wo Kakeru Shoujo (The Girl Who Leapt Through Time)
Directed by Mamoru Hosoda
Written by Okudera Satoko
Based on the Novel by
Tsutsui Yasutaka

Take that title at face value- - -she really does leap through time, backwards, forwards, clumsily, funnily. Time travel tropes gain emotional mileage from the diesel of regret - - - that pang we all feel at some point to go back and redo the fuckups we can't undo. But if you're an impetuous schoolgirl, that could go from yesterday's exam scores to the other day's lab mishap to the boy that gets away because you were too caught up in yourself to notice. And when the power to make clay of reality falls on your lap and you go use it to loop after-school videoke with your boy friends into a perpetual afternoon, it's really the cold feet of growing up, which fades, of course, but until it does, you want to hang on to it as long as you can. Bounce this off Groundhog Day, much as the time travelling there had more to do with Nietzche's theory of eternal recurrence - - - it makes sense. Has the same hedonistic spunk, the same loopy pop spark, the same blissful awareness of where it's head's at - - - a chick-lit universe in which the wonderment of leaping through time is just something to color the drab everyday of high school with and an impossible visitor from another dimension is just another potential boyfriend. Has nothing to say that the subgenre hasn't said over and over and over - - - seize the day, life's too short, action/reaction - - - but a way of saying it that's so dosed up with teenpic endorphin that when the inevitable butterfly effect twists the plot to reveal a tantalizing hidden reality, threatening to swell the ramifications and deepen the aura, you actually dread the moodswing from shojo exuberance to sci-fic gravitas that thankfully never happens. * * * *



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dodo dayao said...

Got it rich. Will link now and keep both links. Thanks for the heads up.

chard bolisay said...

thanks sir!

sayang di ko napanuod tong The Girl Who Leapt Through Time.

Is it from Studio Ghibli?

dodo dayao said...

Hey chard. I think it's from another studio. Hosoda, in fact, was originally slated to direct Howl's Moving Castle for Ghibli but he declined to do this instead. Would've made a different film if that had pushed through. Loved Miyazaki's take, though.

chard bolisay said...

huwaw, sana napanuod ko. i can't even find a copy of Howl's Moving Castle! Yay.