2 Days In Paris
Directed and Written and Edited
and Produced and Scored by Julie Delpy

Samey backdrop and samey repartee and samey characters - - - but where the conversations in Before Sunrise/Sunset had this evasive meander and nonchalance, the back-and-forth here is full-tilt screwball, playing for laughs that pivot from the kind of mildly farcical chaos every interracial couple - - -and,indeed, every couple - - - go through and that screwballs burn road with. The more crucial dillema here's not how well you know the one you love but how well you should know the one you love. Not too much if you want things to last, is what it's saying. And when the double exposures with Delpy's Celine end at samey precocious temperaments, and the kookiness her Marion here has more of starts to throw fits, not too much is more than enough to make hapless, hypochondriac wreckage of any boyfriend. All over the place, for all its self-contained rom-com minimalism, but that's out of Delpy's sense of rhythm not having sea legs yet. The erratic shambles does meet cute with the nervy confusion, achieving a tonal fit that ,if anything, keeps it honest and not only enlivens the one screwball trope Delpy has down pat - - - her rapidfire banter cracking good funny- - - but makes the virtues of making do with the one you're with swoon full of romantic possibility. * * *

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