Bug (2007)
Directed by William Friedkin
Written by Tracy Letts
Based on his Play

Aphids and spots of bother and glitches in the system and malicious surveillance - - - a bug is all that and is all that here. Zero in on mood and claim the Burroughsian for when the four walls of what's real start to curdle into paranoid soup. Claim surprise,too, at how Friedkin's grip on matters is in-depth enough to make writing him off after years and years of awful and indifferent cinema feel like a gross jumping to conclusions. Dick helps decode this for me - - - reality is something you create more rapidly than it creates you. What grounds the hysteric patina is Ashley Judd's white trash burnout desperate for emotional cling. The deadened hum of her deadend life so sticky with anxiety and hurt and bad love, you root for her taking up with Michael Shannon's twitchy stranger and for how their conspirational, consensual apparitions of weird science, insect kingdoms and black helicopters feels less like the shrapnel of breakdown and more like the out they desire and deserve.


Noel Vera said...

Dick and Ballard, for protagonists what imagine their way out of their respective predicaments.

dodo dayao said...

I'm about to re-read Ballard's High Rise. For some reason, this reminded me of that. And I'm looking for Drowned World,too. Terribly behind on my Ballard backlog.

Noel Vera said...

Check out Crystal World and his short stories. You'll see more of the Ballardian protagonists there. Also in Empire of the Sun, where Jim isn't so much concerned with surviving as he is with learning all there is to learn about the world--University of LIfe indeed.