Directed by Michael Bay
Written by Robert Orci and Alex Kurtzman

Not that Bay ups robotporn stakes here nor does he one-up the Japanese in making mecha mayhem dance- - - and he really should put that overeager camera of his on a battery of downers - - - but it does get as big and loud and stupid and hooky as hair-metal powerchords. That preps you to forgive the ridiculous lashings of plot the way you'd forgive the ridiculous lyrics to, say, The Battle of Evermore for the sake of the kerrang! - - -and this headbang is spinal tap. A bit harder to forgive is the way it holds sacred the backstory of a toy line that had no mythic presence in the first place to justify its hold on a generation - - - other than as placebos for all that Voltes withdrawal we were going through . When it chooses to sideline the reverse-engineering and low tech vs. high tech when it's really grist for dark Patlabor revisionism and more vicious thrash-metal parallels that's the toy opera denying its metamorphic nature for the cozier confines of being a throwback. Bumblebee is sleeker as a Camaro, though , and that courtship sequence is a gas.* * *

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Noel Vera said...

It's not Neon Genesis Evangelion. I like the junky look, but I can't be sure, thanks to Bay's Cuisinart editing and camerawork.