Kimyo Na Sakasu (Strange Circus) (2005)
Directed and Written by Sion Sono

Incest fucks you up ,it's saying- - -um, you think, Sono-san? Go to Rampo for signifiers to where this draws its ero-guro wrinkles from- - -the metafiction, the daddyshagging, the orthopedic eroticism, the bod-mod, the blurring of what is and what isn't - - - but Sono's slight gift for the grand guignol has trouble reining in its garish enthusiasm that it does little but amp its own rococo noise. Unease would've been less annoying to tap into- - - Lynchian, or even Sigismondian. And a giddier ecstasy. Oh, but that cello case wants to be the sack from Audition so bad, it's practically touching for how it tries so hard. Shame. And to think Suicide Club was such a world-class gas, too. * *

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