OK,I missed a lot but go, self control anyway, for keeping it down to a minimum. The 10 movies that stole my heart in 2006, then.


1.Citizen Dog (Wisit Sasanatieng, Thailand, Cinemanila) and
2. The Science of Sleep (Michel Gondry, France, Cinemanila) :
You can treat these as the satires they claim to be but notice how doing so makes it lose its spring. Better to take them as absurdist pastries for when you want to spring-clean your eyesockets and feed your brain candy- - -and pig out on the buoyant artifice.

3. Exiled (Johnnie To, Hong Kong, Cinemanila) : It was never going to be The Mission, you knew that. Nor a kiss-off. Instead, the Leone otaku among us - - - which should be all of us - - - now have a toy.

4. The Host (Bong Jun Hoo, Korea) : Monster movie, also family movie. Both cases ,to the bone. So - - - with heart and heartbreak , plus the archer lady Mark Reyes stole for Tiyanaks.

5. Heremias (Lav Diaz, Philippines, Cinemanila) : Nine hours - - - Lav's running time alone is bullheaded enough to either piss you off or alter all your notions of process, product, procedure. It does both then breaks your heart,too.

6. Kubrador (Jeffrey Jeturian, Philippines, Cinemanila) : It's all about how we live our lives thinking we're one step ahead of the doom that tails us. And how way wrong we are.

7. Me And You And everyone We Know (Miranda July, USA) : These two and the way they blunder out of loneliness - - -awkwardly, sexily, touchingly- - - is like a held breath that comes out in a cathartic hush when holding in its true feelings starts to hurt.

8. Miami Vice (Michael Mann, USA, Domestic Release) : Away with espadrilles and Glen Frey . . . Mann reclaims glam-cop fetishism only to implode it into gorgeously incoherent high pulp. Not remake, antithesis.

9. Munich (Steven Speilberg, USA, Domestic Release) : Speilberg metabolizing the history he's ingested so thoroughly it comes out coarse, depleted, leeched of color.

10.Three Times (Hsou Hsao Hsien, Taiwan) : Everything is memory and sometimes it fails us. Love through the prism of three kinds of nostalgia- - -remembered, borrowed, imagined.

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