Directed by Zack Snyder
Written by Zack Snyder, Kurt Johnstad and Michael Gordon
Based on the Graphic Novel by Frank Miller & Lynn Varley

Me as a boy was fetishistic about history, long as you could boil it down to pulpy juvenalia - - - so yes to Alexander, no to Captain Cook. The Battle of Thermopylae was one saga full-on with fetish. Boiling it down to hardboiled grit , Frank Miller's comic spoke to that boy in me. Snyder is that boy,too - - -except with bigger , shinier toys at his disposal. So his 300 is reckless, irreverent, overacted but spectacularly choreographed combatporn that feels like a game engine wrote it. And does nothing to up his stock as little more than a hired gun hack-in-waiting with money to burn on post. But the macho eyecandy is severely engrossing man opera - - - history boiled down to pulpy juvenalia, really. Me acting my age wishes more was done with it. But me as a boy is hyperventilating in skirmish ecstasy. * * *


Oggs Cruz said...

Thanks for the faintly positive review that actually makes sense --- no Roeper's claiming it to be the Citizen Kane of comic book flicks, no exaggerated adoration of its meager artistic sensibilities. As my older brother said, I no longer enjoy movies (it's obvious he loved the film). Sigh.

Dodo said...


Roeper called it what? Is he high? :-)

But no, I don't think not enjoying this is enough to indicate you can't have fun at the movies.

Noel Vera said...

The Citizen Kane of comic-book flicks was Batman Returns, dammit--followed by Altman's Popeye. Del Toro's Hellboy is somewhere up there.

Dodo said...

Yeah - - - Hellboy.

My personal pick would be Bava's Danger Diabolik though. Heh.

Noel Vera said...

Well, there's Jason and the Argonauts, if you consider them the very first superhero team.