Brokeback Mountain
Directed by Ang Lee
Written by Larry McMurtry and Diane Ossana

Emotionally, it front-loads that doomed romance but the point of the gay cowboys may be to further the metatheme Sam Peckinpah and Anthony Mann pursued - - -men struggling against the twilight of their glories - - - except inverted, subverted even , into an emasculation of that hoary cliche that the Old West is the last bailiwick of machismo. But the achievement here is mostly tonal. The way claustrophobia is evoked amidst expanse ,the way heartbreak is a cutting silence , the way time passages dissolve into an almost graceful somnolence , the way life moves but little changes - - - not the drudgery of their working-class day to day , not the splendor of the landscape nor the way it dwarfs them, not the passion that dare not speak its name.
* * *


Noel Vera said...

Eh, frankly I thought your post had more poetry and passion in it than Lee's terminally tasteful movie.

harold hollingsworth said...

I'd have to concur with what noel vera stated, you write very brilliant reviews, I'm hooked!

Dodo said...

Much thanks,people. "Terminally tasteful" . . . nice way of putting it,noel. Sometimes tasteful grabs me,though. Sometimes. :)

Noel Vera said...

Don't let it grab you too much, or "you're terminated, fucker!"