Stazione Termini (Terminal Station)
Directed by Vittorio De Sica
Written by Luigi Chiarini with Truman Capote and Ben Hecht
From a story by Giorgio Prosperi and Cesare Zavattini

The neo-realist urges Selznick hired De Sica for crop up one time and it’s the one time the groove of the piece hits a snag. Otherwise, it's a slinky groove, a noir groove. Illicit lovers Monty Clift and Jennifer Jones untangle their messy affair in the bowels of a shadowy, labyrinthine train station in Italy with all the seductive duplicity, evasive dysfunction and slithery guile of the double agents that they emulate and that they are. The infamous melodramatic piffle of Indiscretion of An American Wife is Selznick tinkering with the cut. This is all De Sica, hands-on and without interference and, needless to say, it hangs better. The same movie, in many ways, but as envisioned - - - a long goodbye bathed in pure aura of spy. * * * *

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