King Kong
Directed by Peter Jackson
Written by Peter Jackson, Fran Walsh and Philippa Boyens

Gone is the hallucinatory fugue and otherworldy off-kilter of the Merian Cooper-Ernest Shoedsack classic, as everything is sharpened to frightening and verging on anal detail. 1930s New York is resplendent - - -and ooh, Naomi, be still my heart, among others - - -but there are no new kinks, no new wrinkles, no new tweaks to the gorgeous architecture, to the overfamiliar tale. Just invisible graffiti pockmarking every overextended set piece: Spielberg Was Here. And much epic sliding into bloat. Has overcompensation become Jackson’s métier? Three hours for old wine in a new bottle (for a B movie,really) isn’t hommage, it’s arrogance.


NOEL said...

Hey x44.Nice review. Very concise and yet very incisive.HAs aviphile read this yet?hehehe

Dodo said...

I seriously doubt it. Too busy reviewing his thesaurus or telling me to the authorities. Hehe.

Noel Vera said...

I'm kinda confused--is av_phile1 a friend? You're so patient with him. I just said fuck it a long time ago.

And hey--which noel is that? I don't remember posting it...

Dodo said...

Hey Noel - - - I thought that first Noel was you.

And no, av_phile is definitely not a friend - - - sounds impossible in real life, not someone I'd like to go out on a drink with. Has a bit of a rep around the board for being exasperating,though,and exasperating is being kind. Just rubbed me the wrong way and caught me in a cranky mood, I guess.

Definitely done with the guy, though.

Noel Vera said...

Ach, when I read your replies to him that was my impression--that he was a friend you were trying hard not to offend while you persuaded him of the error of his ways. My mistake.

You're a helluva lot more patient with him, tho; I used to answer his posts civilly, but at a certain point he got to be such a chore I just gave up. Can't believe someone can be so eloquent, ignorant and dense, all at the same time.

Wasn't aware he had a rep, either. I'm sure I have one too, but at least mine I worked on; I didn't blunder into it.

Dodo said...

Ignorant and dense, definitely. Eloquent? I don't think so. But the awkward ways he squeezes all those big words he seems to be getting out of a thesaurus into his setences - - - it's something you'd expect a freshman in a high school creative writing class would do to impress his professor. But this guy's supposedly pushing 50.

As for your rep, I probably have the exact same one. I can live with that. Big Brother is watching us reportedly. Good, I say. :)

Noel Vera said...

Did I say eloquent? I meant long-winded.

And Dorian_Gray...I use to believe in this stereotype that gay men online are ferociously intelligent ('s my experience on online forums). He took care of that delusion, right quick.