King Kong
Directed by Peter Jackson
Written by Peter Jackson, Fran Walsh and Philippa Boyens

Gone is the hallucinatory fugue and otherworldy off-kilter of the Merian Cooper-Ernest Shoedsack classic, as everything is sharpened to frightening and verging on anal detail. 1930s New York is resplendent - - -and ooh, Naomi, be still my heart, among others - - -but there are no new kinks, no new wrinkles, no new tweaks to the gorgeous architecture, to the overfamiliar tale. Just invisible graffiti pockmarking every overextended set piece: Spielberg Was Here. And much epic sliding into bloat. Has overcompensation become Jackson’s métier? Three hours for old wine in a new bottle (for a B movie,really) isn’t hommage, it’s arrogance.